Welcome To California!

As long there has been a cannabis movement, California has been its epicenter. California Gold Cannabis Co. was established to bring the very best cannabis from the most prestigious growers to cannabis connoisseurs across the state!


Calling all Connoisseurs! If you are seeking the very best, your search is over. California Gold Cannabis Co. is constantly searching for the very best cannabis available, and bringing them to you the connoisseur! If you would like to see a certain strain, or know of a grower you would like to see featured please let us know.


Are you a California-based cultivator looking for more exposure and help in sharing your premium quality cannabis with the masses? Join our team today to reach a whole new market of passionate connoisseurs seeking the small-batch premium cannabis you offer while benefiting from our experience and following.


If you run or manage inventory for a dispensary or delivery service, California Gold welcomes you to contact us to find out how a relationship with us can make your life much easier. Gain access to both a whole new tier of top shelf flower as well as a whole new market of highly educated consumers by joining our network.


Our strains come from the most elite growers all over California including world-renowned cannabis regions such as Los Angeles, the Emerald Triangle, the Central Coast, and the Inland Empire.