As long there has been a cannabis movement California has been its epicenter. California Gold Cannabis Co. was established to represent the very best cannabis that comes out of California, featuring the state’s most prestigious growers!

Cali Gold Team


Welcome To California! California Gold has one single mission and that is to make the absolute best cannabis available to connoisseurs who have come to expect that “next level” of cannabis. The mission begins with sourcing the most elite growers from all over California including world-renowned cannabis regions such as Los Angeles, the Emerald Triangle, the Central Coast, and the Inland Empire. Each strain that makes it to the market has been meticulously studied by our panel of industry experts to ensure quality, potency, and effectiveness. Our premium indoor, and fully organic, flower is packaged into fully sealed glass jars to maintain quality all the way to the consumer.


Since the early 90’s there has been an almost secretive circle of elite growers producing a quality of cannabis mostly unseen by the average enthusiast.

Producing small amounts of cannabis with a strong genetic background allows these growers to produce flower of a much higher quality than the product available even in most medical dispensaries. While this level of cannabis has been made available in small quantities to friends and inner circles for quite some time, California Gold is the first brand to bring growers from all over California together to offer the consumer access to their top tier cannabis.